“I am Jonah” Sermon Series…

i mentioned before that i’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and that it has been a great source of Spiritual nourishment and Biblical knowledge.  after finishing “The Song of Solomon Series“, i turned to another series named “I am Jonah“.  when is the last time that you remember hearing anything about Jonah?  i can comfortably say that Jonah was most popular when i was a little kid in Bible school, along with his “buddy”, the whale.  but G-d didn’t decide to have it included in the Bible (or Torah) merely for a children’s story.  what happened to Jonah and the way G-d used Him is an incredible example of who we are, in our day & age.

to just give you a little intro, G-d was sending Jonah to Ninevah: the people of Ninevah were reviled by all because of their violence and sinfulness.  Jonah had good reason to be scared to go there, but it IS where G-d wanted him to go.  unfortunately, as i have found myself doing as well, Jonah decided he would take a boat in the exact opposite direction of where G-d asked him to go.  there is nowhere we can hide from G-d!  nowhere!  and when G-d asks us to do something, we are called to OBEY.  during one of the sermons, one of the pastors asked “are we living lives fully devoted in reckless abandon, everyday, for the L-rd?”

i don’t want to spoil the wonderful Biblical exploration into the book of Jonah that you can listen to by clicking here!  please, if you are commuting, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, stick some headphones on and LISTEN to some sermons.  if you are really pressed for time, please consider listening to “Repentance” and “Did He Get It?” of this series!!  i don’t have kids, but i think the best time to listen to this would be on the way to or back from dropping your kids off from school.

if you want MORE… i am currently amid another series (also from The Well Community Church) named “The Anatomy of a Disciple“-Humbly Submitted, Biblically Formed, etc.  honestly, just please download the well community church free iphone app and you can easily get ahold of those podcasts and listen to them (while waiting at a dr’s office, etc).  IT WILL IMPACT YOUR LIFE IN WAYS THAT YOU DID NOT THINK IT COULD- THAT PASSION AND ZEAL FOR CHRIST WILL BE RENEWED!!  THE HOPE OF JESUS CHRIST, THAT FLAME WITHIN YOU WILL BE ABLAZE FOR HIS WORD, HIS MINISTRY, & OBEDIENCE!  let the Word transform you, please!  it is the best thing that you can do for your spiritual, emotional, and physical health.  i honestly did not think that listening to a few sermons a day could help me grow in Christ as much as it has; but i have grown in knowledge of His Word & am more aware of His presence in my daily life.  it feels good growing closer to Him… so when i slip up, i really hope someone reminds me of all of the resources that we have available to us as Christians to feed ourselves the Word DAILY.  it’s out of love that i reach out to you all to consider doing this AT LEAST ONCE!  and then, share your experiences on here… encourage someone else to do the same!  let’s grow TOGETHER: learn what a true disciple is and become a disciple ourselves!


december 21-28: HAPPY HANUKKAH!


the link above is directed to a short article which articulates what is celebrated during Hanukkah, and reminds us that this holiday gives us another opportunity to minister to others about Y’shua!!  so, let’s all celebrate together- “CHRISMUKKAH”!

Johh Piper | Historical Creationism…

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i’ve never researched the topic of creation before today.  does historical creationism hold any weight?  is it wrong altogether?  or are john piper, dr john sailhamer (http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/articles/science-the-bible-and-the-promised-land), & the like, right in their definitions of creation, the heavens, & the earth?  what is your interpretation on creation (Genesis 1-2), period???  personally, i was taught that there were 6 days (24-hour periods) of creation, when G-d created the earth, the heavens, man, etc.  is it really this simple?  or did G-d put more in those verses than meets the eye?  if we look at it from the perspective of those living in the beginning times, would we have understood creation differently than we do today, given the advancement of science??  is it the language barrier that may be why we have an incorrect view of the creation?  or are we right all along??  is it just that simple (in theory, not in actuality) that G-d created everything in our world in just 6 days??